The CAPP is an instrument developed primarily for research. It is experimental and currently under validation. Research with the CAPP has been completed or is currently ongoing in the UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. Projects include content validation of the CAPP across gender and languages, and construct validation and reliability of the CAPP with male and female adult and young offenders and adult forensic psychiatric patients. (See also the Presentations section).

The CAPP is available for research in English or other languages.

Using the CAPP in research

We encourage research – especially (post-) graduate research – with the CAPP as part of its ongoing validation process. In particular, we encourage research investigating the content validity of the CAPP model across translations using prototypical analysis. Prototypical analysis is a very useful method for establishing what characteristics are central to a construct like psychopathy. A universal research protocol for CAPP prototypicality studies has been developed by Mette Kreis.  Download as a pdf.

To seek permission to use the CAPP in research, please contact General Enquiries.

Capp research in Countries