The CAPP will be translated into Finnish in 2012 by Eila Repo-Tiihonen and Matti Vanhanen.

For further information on the Finnish translation of the CAPP, please contact:

Dr Eila-Repo Tiihonen

Medical Director
Niuvanniemi Hospital
Niuvankuja 65
FI-70240 Kuopio, Finland

T: +358 17 203 204

Eila Repo-Tiihonen, MD, PhD, is Specialist in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. She is currently a Medical Director at Niuvanniemi Hospital, which is one of two state mental hospitals in Finland (for further details see She is also Assistant Professor in Forensic Psychiatry, University of Eastern Finland, and Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, University of Helsinki.

Matti Vanhanen

Matti Vanhanen

Matti Vanhanen, PhD, works as a neuropsychologist at Niuvanniemi Hospital. He completed his PhD studies in 1998 on glucose-intolerance and cognitive functions in dementia. He has since been working in the Department of Neurology, and since 2004 as a clinical neuropsychologist with schizophrenic patients at Niuvanniemi Hospital.